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"I am doing my yoga teacher training with Kerry Ann, and I feel so lucky to have her knowledge and experience passed on to me this way. Her embodiment of the yoga lifestyle is something I admire. Her knowledge of the content is deep, and she helps make it easy to understand. I look forward to our classes and feel a sense of peace after our sessions. I would recommend anyone to dive into their practice with Kerry Ann."


I like Kerry Ann’s style.  Full stop.   Kerry Ann understands yoga, people, and how to teach yoga to people – people of different ages, experience levels, and body types – in a way that makes the practice available to all, whether, on any given day, one wants a personal challenge, to just go with the flow, or a modification that helps put a pose more within reach.  Kerry Ann brings a terrific mix of energy, experience, observation, clear direction, and a bit of welcome humor to her classes.  All of this has me repeatedly coming back for more.

Barbara Sanford Epps 

I have been grateful to know Kerry Ann by taking her class in Quincy, MA, over the past year. She is an excellent yoga instructor and is able to guide multiple levels of students with her insightful instruction. She is confident but humble as she sets the intentions of the class and mindfully explains the meaning of the movements and practices in a way that is easy to follow and brings understanding and awareness of the body, mind, and spirit. I have taken many yoga classes, and she is one of my favorite teachers. I especially love her care and beautiful smile as she brings her knowledge to our class and greets us, working collectively and individually. I highly recommend her as a wonderful yoga teacher!


“I met Kerry Ann several years ago in the recovery process of drug and alcohol addiction. We both have the experience of excelling through the pain that recovery entails. We are able to live a beautiful life on the other side of addiction, which asks for spiritual experiences and constant spiritual practice. When I met Kerry, she introduced me to her spiritual yoga practice. Not only does she practice constantly, but she shares this with the community. Not to mention the vibrant energy that she projects; she definitely lights up the room. I have had the pleasure of attending some of her events in practice. She is very precise in instruction and creates a sense of “victory” and peace for me. I am definitely at more ease walking out after an hour of awareness, love, and light that she will surely produce to those who are willing.”
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